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New Member Education (NME) program overview

New Member Education Module

New Member Education is for new members of the SFL community.

A new member is a student who has accepted a bid or invitation for membership but has not yet been initiated (or crossed) into a sorority or fraternity. New Member can also be described as someone who is considering an offer of membership from a sorority or fraternity group within SFL or is in the process of qualifying for membership in an organization.

Depending on the chapter, a new member might also be called an associate member, neophytepledge or candidate

  • The NME Program has been modified and will occur in-person on Wednesday November 16, in Pacific Ballroom D at 6PM. 
  • Students participating in the NME Program will need to complete the following tasks listed below:
    • Complete the Transcript Release Authorization form
    • Complete the New Member Education (NME) program by attending in-person. 

1. Submit Transcript Release Authorization form

Click the link above to submit your Transcript Release Authorization.

The Transcript Release Authorization form allows SFL to access your quarterly/cumulative grade reports. These grade reports are compiled and included in a community report and will individually let students select the chapter they are a new member of or slated to join.

NOTE: Students will be asked to login using their UCI NETID and select the organization they are joining as a member. 

2a. New Member Education (NME) program - in person

Attendance is mandatory for all new members joining the SFL community in 2022-2023. New members/associate members/pledges have up to two (2) quarters to complete the NME program and RSVP by the link above or by clicking the picture/image below. 

The next NME program will take place in Pacific Ballroom D on Wednesday May 10 at 6PM.

In-person education will be offered quarterly and take place in the Pacific Ballroom D and take place at 6PM.

      • Wednesday November 16

      • Wednesday February 22

      • Wednesday May 10

2b. New Member Education (NME) program (makeup assignment) - module (now available) 

If you have joined a sorority or fraternity in the 2022-2023 academic year, you are required to participate in the NME program. New members have to complete to complete NME in the quarter they become a new member.

Students who complete the virtual program will be asked to login using their UCI NETID and select the SFL organization they are tied to. 

    • Participating students will be given a passing score if they score at least 90% correct on the associated quiz.
    • Those who do not score at least 90% will be asked to re-take the quiz or revisit the module to show comprehension of the curriculum/topics included in the NME module.
    • If you need to complete the NME program makeup assignment, please email sororityfraternity@uci.edu

If you have already completed the NME education program virtually, you do not have to attend the in-person session. 

For any questions about completing the SFL NME program, please contact Director Ed E-Nunu at ekpeju.enunu@uci.edu or the SFL office at sororityfraternity@uci.edu