UCI Greek Life

New Member Education Program overview

New Member Education Module

  • Should be completed Week 4 - 6
  • Individuals will need to complete an associated quiz for the New Member Education program and score 90% on the quiz. 


Click the link below to start the required program

New Member Education program - module

If you have joined a sorority or fraternity in the 20-21 academic year, you are required to visit the link above and complete this training. NOTE: The associated quiz will be provided at the conclusion of the module.


Click the link below to submit Transcript Release Authorization 

Submit Transcript Release Authorization

The Transcript Release Authorization allows our office to access grade reports for the community and will let students select the chapter they are a new member of or slated to join.

NOTE: Students will be asked to login using their UCI NETID and select the organization they are joining. 


Click the link below to complete the SFL - Office & Community Assessment survey

Complete the Office & Community Assessment survey

Please help us complete the Office & Community Assessment survey which the Sorority & Fraternity Life office will use to help with programming and advertisement about our office. 

Please email sororityfraternity@uci.edu with any additional questions.