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Sorority & Fraternity Life Wellness Week - October 20th -22nd

SFL Wellness Week: Tuesday October 20 AOD  Facilitated BY Abby Hyland Alcohol & Other Drugs Programs ManageR, Wednesday October 21 The power of belonging  Facilitated BY Ashlee whitehead student development coordinator, Thursday October 22 Building resilience  Facilitated BY Natalie D’Azzo Wellness & Peer Education Programs Manager

Update on Recruitment, Intake & Chapter Operations for Fall 2020

Fall 2020 SFL Gatherings, Recruitment, and Intake. In person events are not allowed for any of those events, and all chapter operations should be remote. Signed IFC Presidents William McKay, MGC Presidents Tiffany Aihara, and PHA President Yailin Cervantes-Rios

COVID-19 Updates

The Sorority & Fraternity Life Staff will be working remotely until campus notifies us we can return, and our office will be closed for the duration of that time, however, we will still be available by phone & email.

To schedule a meeting with either Ed E-Nunu (Director) or Marina Hara Mantos (Asst. Director) please visit our Contact Us page and select 'Schedule a Meeting'

If you would like to schedule with both Ed & Marina you can use this link: calendly.com/ucisfl

Recruitment, Intake, and New Member processes will be conducted virtually for the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 Quarters. 

For information on how our office and the larger UCI enterprise is taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community please visit our COVID-19 Updates page that can be found under resources, or accessed here: SFL COVID-19 Updates.

**SFL COVID-19 Site Last Updated 10.20.2020 at 4:10PST**

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Statements of Support & Solidarity for Black Lives Matter

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SFL New Member Spotlight

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INTRODUCING... NEW MEM OF THE WEEK 🌟PHIONA🌟 Here’s what she has to say about joining the SFL Community 🥳 “As a commuter at UCI, I was on campus for the sole purpose of attending my classes. As someone who has always prioritized my academics, I wasn’t concerned with involving myself with extracurriculars because I thought it’d be too distracting. However, the routine I kept up of barely spending anytime on campus made me question why I was attending UCI in the first place. It wasn’t until I was reached out to on instagram did I start to consider joining a sorority. I began reaching out to more people involved in greek life at UCI to really gauge if it was something I wanted to partake in, and the next thing I knew, I was registered for recruitment! What really sold me during recruitment was hearing about all of the different sororities’ philanthropies and the values that they uphold. This was particularly inspiring to me because I think the world does a funny job of making you feel small, and that the things that matter to you are insignificant—but they AREN’T and neither are you! This allowed me to come to the conclusion that in joining a sorority, not only would I be surrounded by supportive, empowering, and compassionate women who are going to help me accomplish my goals, but that I would have the opportunity to reciprocate that; all the while, collectively working toward our philanthropy and trying to make the world a little better. While it’s only been a week since I’ve joined greek life, I think it’s safe to say I’ve found my people and my home. During recruitment I was able to connect with and open up to SO many amazing ladies, and I cannot wait to talk to everyone more and eventually move this zoom sorority back onto campus once it’s safe to do so!”

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Fall Roster Updates Due Friday, November 6th

Chapter Roster Updates are due in the new online system Friday, Week 5. Below are in the instructions on how to submit Roster Updates. 

(1) Roster Update Instructions
(2) How To Submit Transcript Release Authorization Form

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