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About UCI Sorority & Fraternity Life

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We Are Ambitious

UCI Sorority & Fraternity students strive to stand out from the crowd, to excel in every chapter of life, and to manifest a world that is greater than the one we were handed. We are successful students with fruitful futures ahead of us.

We Are Diverse

UCI Sorority & Fraternity Life is comprised of nearly 50 organizations representing historical and cultural values that span the globe and political spectrum. Our members have vivid life stories, and all are committed to a life that is Next Level.

We Are Electrifying

UCI Sorority & Fraternity Life have a college experience that shines. We exude pride in ourselves, our organizations, & our school. Everything about our college lives is brighter, happier, & more powerful because of Sorority & Fraternity Life.

About UCI Sorority & Fraternity Life

Community Demographics

Total Members: 1,532
Percentage within Undergrad Popul: 5.40%
Sorority Members: 941 (3.32%)
Fraternity Members: 582 (2.05%)
Sororities: 22
Fraternities: 17
All-SFL GPA: 3.216
All Sorority GPA: 3.287
All-Fraternity GPA: 3.099

(*GPA and Membership Data is for the Fall 2022 Quarter)


Sorority & Fraternity Life (SFL) at UC Irvine works with students to create an inclusive environment that challenges members to develop into leaders who uphold the values, oaths, and commitments of their collegiate fraternal organization at UCI. Sorority & Fraternity Life values ongoing relationships with alumni, volunteers, campus administrators, and the surrounding community in order to create meaningful and purposeful undergraduate experiences that foster a commitment to service and lifetime membership.


When UCI opened in 1965 there were no fraternities or sororities on campus.  By 1973, the Sorority & Fraternity community was created with three fraternities and three sororities. Over 40+ years later community has grown to 39 fraternities and sororities and has a very large multicultural Greek population.  Currently, 1,600+ undergraduate students belong to a fraternity/sorority.

SFL Pillars/Values

Scholarship | Leadership | Friendship | Philanthropy & Service

These are the guiding principles and values that each and every UCI SFL sorority and fraternity should operate under in addition to their own respective mission statement and values. 


A student's priority when attending college is their academics. Nearly all chapters require students to uphold academic standards and expectations. Historically, fraternal organizations were founded on the principle of academic success and friendship. SFL organizations continue to promote scholarship by providing many options for their members. that may include study hours, time management workshops, study partners, academic incentives and more. Some chapters even offer scholarships for academic achievement. SFL organizations should prioritize academic achievement in its programming and the standards set by organizational or local chapter leadership.

Quarterly, SFL provides its students with a Scholarship Grade Report listing chapter rank for grades, the all-Sorority/all-Fraternity/All-SFL GPA by quarter and cumulative. To view quarterly grade reports and resources, visit the Quarterly Reports & Academic Resources page. Within the SFL Pillar of scholarship, it is important to note the Order of Omega honor society, which is a leadership honorary-society for UCI with junior or senior standing that also have significant leadership experience and high scholastic achievement.


Developing leaders today is a critical part of the sorority and fraternity experience. Taking the initiative to create positive innovative change while holding members accountable to its chapter, to its community and to the overall campus is what is at the foundation of every SFL organization. Making ethical decisions with integrity and moving in step with one's organizational values, Sorority & Fraternity Life at UCI provides an environment for its members to grow. At Irvine, there are many ways to develop leadership skills. Whether one holds a chapter or council officer executive board position, serves in a role with VIP, or even serves on a variety of committees, UCI is an ideal place for our UCI Anteaters to develop their leadership potential.

Being a part of Sorority & Fraternity Life at UCI offers students an environment space where they can gain experiences to solve complex problems and experiment with different practices of leadership. As an executive board officer for a SFL organization, students can gain experience in areas such as finance, event planning, public relations, and administration, in addition to working with those who have different talents, diverse perspectives, and complex personalities. Joining a sorority or fraternity provides individuals with numerous opportunities to demonstrate leadership. Sorority and fraternity students are some of the most active and visible students on campus. Members are involved in a variety of registered organizations outside of their SFL organization and continue to stay engaged in campus events/activities.  

Friendship (Sisterhood/Brotherhood/Community)

Fraternities and sororities foster lifelong friendships through social interactions, such as formals, delegate/chapter meetings, exchanges and socials. Members of sororities and fraternities, when joining, have a unforgettable support system and family that are always there to lean on when times are tough and those pushing its members to bring the best version of themselves through its programs experiences and shared values. Whether it the friendship created amongst your chapter on campus, or the connection to other community members here on campus, those local to Irvine regionally or nationally, Sorority & Fraternity Life provides a huge lifelong network.

Alumni also take an active role in supporting the growth of chapter members throughout the year, attending homecoming events and conventions but why valuable connections can be so worthwhile to undergraduates.

Service (Philanthropy & Service)

Service to others is a shared value of all SFL organizations. SFL sororities and fraternities are some of the best contributors to service and philanthropy in the campus community. SFL members spend countless hours supporting national and local philanthropies, donate to various community entities or directly provide hands-on service to causes in and around the Greater Orange County area.  

  • Philanthropy - Philanthropic projects are events held with the intent to raise money and/or collect items for donation to a community entity.
  • Service - Community service projects include the time spent by chapter members volunteering in the community.

In addition to service, active sorority and fraternity members become civically engaged and positive contributors to the Irvine campus community and beyond.To get a current glimpse of the service provided by the SFL community, check out the most recent Philanthropy & Service Report.